You’ll never miss another delivery!

It's easy! Local Parcel PickUp points take delivery of your internet shopping for you. You're then sent a text and an email and you collect from their place, when it suits you.

Register by selecting a PickUp point and try the service for free!

How it works

To use Parcel PickUp all you need is access to a computer, 
an email address and 
a mobile phone number.

Step 1: Select an agent* and register your details. We'll then email you a password.

Step 2: Log in, you will be asked to submit your 12 digit Address Verification Code.** We'll have sent this to you by post but don't worry if you haven't received it yet, just click on Skip instead. You will be taken to the Welcome page where you will find the address details of your agent, for your next delivery. Use this address for your online purchase. Then click on Arrange a delivery to let us know it's on its way. You'll be asked for payment unless it's your first delivery.

Step 3: Your agent takes delivery of your parcel(s) and our system immediately informs you by both email and text message.

Step 4: Check your agent's opening hours and pick up your parcels at a time that suits you. Don't forget to bring the codes we sent you in your text or email and some proof of ID.***

* You will be able to select up to 3 additional agents when you have registered.
** You must submit your 12 digit Address Verification Code before you can collect your first delivery from your agent. Please allow up to 7 working days.
*** This is required for your first delivery only. Accepted forms of ID include: Passport, driver's license, company ID card, student ID card.

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