You’ll never miss another delivery!

It's easy! Local Parcel PickUp points take delivery of your internet shopping for you. You're then sent a text and an email and you collect from their place, when it suits you.

Register by selecting a PickUp point and try the service for free!

It's 'win win' for customers and retailers!

We regard protecting the interests of online retailers as core to our future business success as we depend on your confidence in offering the Parcel PickUp service to your customers. Have a read below to find out what you and your customers can expect to gain in being part of Parcel PickUp.

Benefits to you and your customers...

Using local Parcel PickUp agents to take deliveries on your customers' behalf means no more missed deliveries for your customers and no more uncollected deliveries being returned to you. 

This means you can:

1. Increase your potential market and attract customers who have been put off making internet purchases by having to wait in for them to arrive or dread the trips to out of the way courier company depots.

2. Lower courier expenses. The average number of journeys it takes to deliver a parcel successfully is between 1.5 and 2.5 journeys per domestic delivery attempt. Our agents guarantee to take delivery first time.

3. Expect faster turnarounds. 59% of our customers collect their deliveries the same day, 78% of our customers collect within just 48 hours of their agent taking delivery.

4. Help the environment. With no more missed deliveries by couriers and no more trips by customers to out of town delivery company depots, you are contributing to a significant saving in the CO2 footprint of your products.

What else?

All our customers are thoroughly screened.

We check the validity of the address provided by every customer before they can collect any deliveries from our agents. This is an industry first! Our customers are also required to show ID to prove that they are who they say they are when they collect their first delivery.

We take full responsibility for your customers' goods.

Parcel PickUp Ltd will reimburse customers the full cost of their purchases (inc p&p) in the event of loss, damage or theft while in possession by any of our agents. Another industry first! Plus, in the unlikely event of fraud we would be happy to work with online retailers in every way possible.

The future, API's and additional income streams for online retailers...

We are in the process of developing a REST based API to integrate directly with for eretailers to improve customer experience of shopping online and accessing the Parcel PickUp service. This API will further increase the efficiency, accuracy and security of internet deliveries and has the potential to become a 'bolt on' for payment providers and ecommerce providers. It would be cost effective for us and we plan to use these cost savings to provide additional revenue sources to participating eretailers. We are now actively seeking input from eretailers, courier companies, payment providers, web developers and others. Like to get involved? Get in touch, we'd love to talk with you!