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It's easy! Local Parcel PickUp points take delivery of your internet shopping for you. You're then sent a text and an email and you collect from their place, when it suits you.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Billing address: Some online retailers require that I have my delivery made to the same address as the billing address. Can I still use the Parcel PickUp service to receive my deliveries?

Q. Cancellations: What happens if I cancel a delivery before it is delivered to the Parcel PickUp agent?

Q. Cancellations: Can I cancel a delivery after it has been received by my Parcel PickUp agent on my behalf?

Q. Catalogue retailers: Can I use the Parcel PickUp service to receive goods from catalogue retailers made over the phone?

Q. Claims: What happens if my goods never turn up or are lost?

Q. Confidentiality: Do agents know what I'm buying?

Q. Gifts: Why do I need to inform you if my purchase is a gift?

Q. Gifts: Can my friends use Parcel PickUp to send me gifts?

Q. Handling fees: How do you calculate the handling fee? Do I have to pay it?

Q. Labelling: Can I address the delivery to myself and have the delivery made ‘Courtesy Of’ (C.O.) my agent?

Q. Labelling: What is the label code and what is it used for?

Q. Mobile phones: I don’t have a mobile phone number. Can I still use Parcel PickUp?

Q. P & P: What does Postage & Packing charges refer to, and why does Parcel PickUp need to know what they are?

Q. Payment: Can I pay Parcel PickUp on receipt of my goods, rather than online?

Q. Returns: Can I use Parcel PickUp to return goods and services?

Q. VAT: What should I do about VAT?