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Frequently asked questions

Q: Billing address: Some online retailers require that I have my delivery made to the same address as the billing address. Can I still use the Parcel PickUp service to receive my deliveries?

No, not currently. However, we look to working with online retailers to provide this service in the future.
Q: Cancellations: What happens if I cancel a delivery before it is delivered to the Parcel PickUp agent?

Please call and/or email your Parcel PickUp agent immediately. Should your goods still arrive, your Parcel PickUp agent may be able to refuse to take delivery of the goods. Whether a delivery attempt is made or not, your credit card will be manually refunded by Parcel PickUp for the amount of money received from you by Parcel PickUp for this delivery.
Q: Cancellations: Can I cancel a delivery after it has been received by my Parcel PickUp agent on my behalf?

This depends on the retailer. Once the Parcel PickUp agent has taken delivery of the goods, it is as if you had taken delivery of those goods yourself. Therefore any return of goods must be negotiated between yourself and the retailer directly.
Q: Catalogue retailers: Can I use the Parcel PickUp service to receive goods from catalogue retailers made over the phone?

No. We offered this service in a pilot study but experienced many misunderstandings by retailers’ telephone sales personnel over the correct address labeling method which the Parcel PickUp service depends on. We may look to work with ‘catalogue only companies’ to offer this service in the future. But in the meantime, many catalogue companies also offer an online alternative for ordering their products.
Q: Claims: What happens if my goods never turn up or are lost?

Having received satisfactory evidence (i.e., a qualified signature from the Parcel PickUp agent, evidence from the courier or evidence from the retailer) which proves that the goods specified under Arrange a delivery were received by your Parcel PickUp agent, Parcel PickUp will pay the total amount including the cost of the product and the cost of the Postage & packing within 28 working days. Parcel PickUp will take ownership of the ‘lost goods’ should they subsequently arrive. Where no evidence of delivery can be provided, paying for ‘lost goods’ is strictly at the discretion of Parcel PickUp. Please see Terms and conditions Claims.

Q: Confidentiality: Do agents know what I'm buying?

No! We require that you infrom Parcel PickUp Ltd of the precise details of your online purchase so that in the event of loss damage or theift we can reimburesed you accordingly. However, our system does not provide access to this information to your agent and under normal curcumstance agents will only be informed of the online retailer you have purchase from. Please be aware however, That online retailers my package your goods in such a way that it is obvious what it contains.

If you feel that it would be of benifit for you agent to know details of your delivery you can add notes in special instructions. These are made available to your agent. Please see our terms and conditions for more informations.

Q: Gifts: Why do I need to inform you if my purchase is a gift?

In the unlikely event that we need to contact you directly about a delivery we will know to be extra discrete should anyone else answer your phone.
Q: Gifts: Can my friends use Parcel PickUp to send me gifts?

We do not currently offer this service. However depending on popularity, it is a service we would like to offer in the future.
Q: Handling fees: How do you calculate the handling fee? Do I have to pay it?

The handling fee reflects the risk taken by Parcel PickUp in relation to the value of goods we deal with on your behalf. This fee is charged to all customers on all purchases over £100. See Prices and payment.
Q: Labeling: Can I address the delivery to myself and have the delivery made ‘Courtesy Of’ (C.O.) my agent?

The address system is designed to avoid potential confusion between your Parcel PickUp agent and the courier delivering your items. The precise way in which your next delivery should be labled is displayed on the welcome screan after login.

Q: Labeling: What is the lable code and what is it used for?

The lable code is a 9 letter code added to you agent's normal address. The code firstly idenntifies that the delivery is for you and secondly which of your deliveries it is. When your delivery arrives at our agent, our agents input this code into our system and we inform you by email and text that your delivery is ready for collection. This code must be encluded in the delivery address.
Full details of the appropriate delivery code for you next delivery and how to label your parcels are available on the 'Welcome back' page in the login area.
Q: Mobile phones: I don’t have a mobile phone number. Can I still use Parcel PickUp?

No! Your are unable to register without a mobile phone number. Please contact us if this issue effects you and we will try to find a workable solution
Q: P & P: What does Postage & Packing charges refer to, and why does Parcel PickUp need to know what they are?

Postage & Packing charges refers to the additional costs (if any) paid to the online retailer in addition to the cost of the product ordered. These will usually include shipping costs and may include the cost of gift wrapping and or any additional costs levied by the retailer when purchasing your goods. Extended warranties should not be included in this figure. We need know this amount to calculate the handling fee (for all items over £100) and also to enable us to compensate you in full, should your order be lost, stolen or damaged while in our care.
Q: Payment: Can I pay Parcel PickUp on receipt of my goods, rather than online?

No. Handling cash adds considerable extra security risks and administrative costs to the Parcel PickUp agents and therefore the Parcel PickUp service.
Q: Returns: Can I use Parcel PickUp to return goods and services?

We request that Parcel PickUp agent offer this service free or charge for deliveries originally arranged though Parcel PickUp. However ultimately this is at the discretion of the agent. Please contact the agent directly to arrange this.
Q: VAT: What should I do about VAT??

All Parcel PickUp prices quoted on this site include VAT. When arranging a delivery please include VAT in the value of goods purchased and cost of Postage and Packaging.
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