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Terms and Conditions

Parcel Pickup is the trading name of Parcel PickUp Limited, registered company no.6508943.

Deliveries will be accepted on the following conditions:

1 Labelling:

See your Welcome back page for your example of correct labelling.

Use the name and address of your chosen Parcel PickUp agent as your delivery address. Next to your agent’s name write your supplied code. Please note that part of this code changes with each delivery.

Parcel PickUp cannot be held responsible for the loss of a parcel if its address is incorrect or incomplete.

2 Guarantee:

We take responsibility for loss, theft or damage of all items in our care. We cover the price paid for the goods and associated postage and packing costs. See Pricing and Payment for the maximum value of a delivery item Parcel PickUp can handle on your behalf.

3 Claims:

We will compensate customers within 28 days in full, in the event of loss, theft or damage, where proof of delivery to the Parcel PickUp agent can be provided. This will normally be either in the form of a signature, taken from the Parcel PickUp agent, by the courier as a confirmation of delivery or where the Parcel PickUp agent has confirmed receipt of a delivery.

However, where evidence of a delivery to the Parcel PickUp agent does not exist and the Parcel PickUp agent disputes receiving the delivery, compensation for a missing delivery is strictly at the discretion of Parcel PickUp. We require that before any claim is commenced, you have taken steps to ensure that:

I. The delivery was sent by the retailer to the correct Parcel PickUp agent;

II. You have waited a reasonable length of time for the delivery to arrive at the Parcel PickUp agent’s address;

III. You have checked, and are able to prove that you have paid the retailer for your delivery;

IV. You have requested and recorded relevant courier tracking reference numbers from the retailer;

V. You can demonstrate that you have requested and been rejected for compensation from the online retailer;

VI. You can demonstrate that you have requested and been rejected for compensation from the courier.

Having followed these steps and having been unsuccessful in locating or being compensated for your lost/stolen delivery, you may start the claim application process with Parcel PickUp. We may request evidence that you have followed the steps above before proceeding with your claim application.

Furthermore, we may require that you permit us to discuss your delivery with the retailer, courier company and financial institution directly.

Moreover, in the event that Parcel PickUp has compensated you for a lost or stolen item/s, the item/s then become the property of Parcel PickUp. You are required to inform Parcel PickUp immediately should any item subsequently be delivered to you, found or retrieved. As now the property of Parcel PickUp, Parcel PickUp may take ownership of and dispose of items as it feels fit. However, we will endeavour to provide you with an opportunity to purchase the goods back using the compensation you have received (if you have not already replaced the item/s).

4 Conditions of services:

Parcel PickUp reserves the right to withdraw service from registered customers, without explanation or advanced warning. You must be over eighteen years of age on the date of registration.

5 Size and Weight:

We are flexible in the size and weight of parcels we can take delivery of and store for you. However, unless otherwise agreed, we cannot accept very large or heavy deliveries (such as kitchen appliances, furniture, heavy tools or equipment), which might require lifting equipment. If in doubt, please contact us before arranging delivery of your purchase and filling out your Parcel PickUp submission form.

6 Exclusions:

Parcel PickUp does not accept:

I. Time sensitive deliveries (such as tickets) unless prior consent from the Parcel PickUp agent has been given and agreed, in writing on a per delivery basis;

II. Items which require payment on delivery;

III. Items which are visibly broken, damaged or leaking;

IV. Deliveries containing live animals or live animal foodstuffs;

V. Illegal items of any description;

VI. Any food items such as fruit and meat delivered from outside the UK, as these may be illegal to import.

7 Collection and storage charges:

At Parcel PickUp we endeavour to take collection of and store your parcels in a safe environment. However, we cannot be held responsible for the natural deterioration of goods while in our care. Therefore, collection should be made as soon as possible. If for any reason you are unable to collect your parcel/s, please refer to Prices and Payment for storage charges.

Parcels will only be released on receipt of your proof of identity and payment.

Parcel PickUp does not make onward deliveries. If we have been unable to contact you and have received no instruction from you within 12 weeks from the delivery date, we will assume you no longer require your parcel/s and will dispose of it/them (please note that this is a last resort and we will try our utmost to get hold of you first).

8 Prices:

Parcel PickUp reserves the right to change or amend its prices and services at any time and without prior notice. However, changes will only be implemented after they have been published on the Parcel PickUp website. Please see Pricing and Payment for further details.

9 Data protection and privacy:

Parcel PickUp collects information about you to process your parcel delivery requirements. In order to accept your parcel/s, we require you to register by providing us with your name, home address, email address, mobile phone number (if applicable) and a personal password of your choosing (to enable you to login). We also request that you first inform us about how you heard about our service.

Information collected from you will not be given to any other party. However, we retain the right to disclose personal information to the appropriate legal authorities, where we believe this may aid in the prevention of fraud. Furthermore, we retain the right to share your personal information with retailers, couriers companies and financial institutions, to track your deliveries and/or aid in the prevention of fraud.

Your details will normally be kept on our system indefinitely. However, should you decide to no longer use the Parcel PickUp service, you may request to have your details removed from our database.

We will only ever use your information lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

10 Cessation of service:

In the unlikely event that Parcel PickUp ceases business, users will be informed immediately. A time period of 1 month will be given for the collection of all parcels.

11 Special items:

If you are having delivered food items, medicines or anything else which may require special handling, you must inform your Parcel PickUp agent before you make your purchase. We cannot be held responsible if your item cannot be taken delivery of by Parcel PickUp and you have already purchased it.

If you are in any doubt of your parcel’s suitability, please contact us before arranging delivery of your purchases and filling out your Parcel PickUp submission form.